Parent Participation

The backbone of Forever Young is parent participation.

Parent participation hours are a term and condition of each enrollment contract. In other words, when you enroll your child at Forever Young, you are not just committing to paying tuition. You also commit a specific number of hours volunteering your time to help the center.

Parent involvement in administration, fundraising and maintenance of Forever Young is an essential part of the continuing success of our daycare center.

Parents provide the center with invaluable labor, knowledge and resources. This helps us defray operating expense.

Parents have the opportunity to directly influence the direction and purpose of Forever Young by their participation.

Parents are expected to spread their volunteer hours over many areas including:

  • Site chores (such as laundry or grocery shopping)
  • Saturday special cleaning days
  • Fund raising
  • Health and Safety work (working with staff to improve things like the menu or repairing or improving the site)

Spreading work hours over these areas assures that the center’s high priority needs are met and that everyone is doing their share.

Why is parent participation critical to the success of Forever Young?

Forever Young is overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of current parents, who work in cooperation with the Executive Director to craft and maintain policy decisions and overall operation.

There are various committees for the center that oversee things like fundraising and nurturing of staff. These committees are also made up of parents. Without parent participation there will be no program and no daycare center.

Parent participation saves everyone money!

Without the help of parents to clean, repair, and contribute to the general upkeep of our sites, Forever Young will have to increase enrollment fees to pay for services.

Forever Young is a non-profit. That means every penny goes back into the center.