unnamed-8Children need something more than a teacher or educator. They need an adult who will educate, care and nurture them.

Magda Gerber called the person who performs this role an “edu-carer.” Her philosophy of Resources for Infant “Edu-carers” (RIE) is the basis upon which Forever Young was built 30 years ago.

Using RIE principles, Forever Young seeks to create a balance between adult stimulation and independent exploration in a safe environment.

Forever Young has developed the following curriculum:

  • Provide an environment that allows children to make choices.
  • Assure that children have a stable relationship with their edu-carer.
  • Allow children to develop motor and sensory skills without direct teaching.
  • Provide a safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing environment in which children can move freely and explore the world.
  • Children are allowed uninterrupted play periods that foster creative interaction.
  • Adults are there to observe during these play times, but they do not attempt to direct the children’s activities.
  • Forever Young’s daily activities for our children provide an opportunity to learn through play and hands-on experience.
  • Activities offered are connected to monthly themes.
  • Forever Young’s philosophy respects each child and his or her developmental level.
  • Healthy, happy and confident children are successful children.

We believe children are doing more than just playing. They are learning cooperation and positive social interaction – skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.