About Us

DSC6733In 1979, a group of parents with infants and young children looked at childĀ care centers in the Sacramento area and found none to their liking.

They decided to start something new – a cooperative concerned not with making a profit or homogenizing their children, but instead a loving place that put the health and happiness of the children first. They named it Forever Young after a song by Bob Dylan.

More than thirty years later, Forever Young is still going and still adhering to the core principals upon which it was founded:

  • A Co-operative
    • Policy decisions and overall management responsibility for Forever Young rest with the parent-elected Board of Directors.
    • The Board is made up of parents themselves.
    • Parents and staff are involved in the day-to-day operations of Forever Young.
  • Staff and families are friends!
  • The staff train in the teachings of Magda Gerber in developmentally oriented childcare practices.
    • Tolerance, non-violent, non-sexist behavior in the children’s interaction with each other.
    • An alternative education environment that emphasizes respect for others and their differences, respect for the natural world, and love of one’s self and one’s neighbor.
    • A vegetarian diet to encourage healthy eating and minimize the intake of food additives and chemicals.

Forever Young still retains these commitments with a childĀ care center that lovingly encourages and nourishes the growth of the whole child.