Welcome to Forever Young Child Care Center!

playyardSince 1979, Forever Young has created a learning environment that is non-violent and gender-neutral which respects the diversity of all ethnic and cultural viewpoints. Forever Young uses the teachings and methods of many early childhood development experts; however, our basic philosophy can be summarized as respect for each individual child and his or her developmental level.

Forever Young is a nonprofit Co-op child care center with an all-parent Board of Directors, which offers an all-inclusive infant & toddler program. Meals, diapers, and wipes are all included in your child’s tuition. In addition, Forever Young provides natural, vegetarian foods with little or no added salt, sugar, preservatives, artificial additives or colorings.

About Us

About Us

Forever Young is a parent-run, nonprofit Co-Op in Downtown Sacramento, CA committed to lovingly encouraging and nourishing the growth of all our students.



We stress choice in activities, independence, exploration, self-sufficiency, and respect. We believe that healthy, happy and confident children are successful children!



Join the Forever Young family and participate in a 30-year legacy of nourishing the whole child with love and encouragement. Please call us for enrollment availability.